carve carving pastrami

YEP… it’s exactly what you’d expect when you visit a restaurant named CARVE; culinary peeps carving meats and building sandwiches like it’s nobody’s business. But then again, it is our business and we take it pretty darn serious.

Our sandwiches are not your ordinary deli offerings, but rather a MODERN approach to the deli experience.

We carefully create flavors, both familiar and new, that work harmoniously together between two slices of artisan bread.

We smoke, roast, braise and grill only the highest quality meats, poultry and seafood, as well as take advantage of seasonal produce and anything local we can get our hands on.

carve torching brie cheese


But CARVE is more than just a sandwich joint. We have artisan salads, make-a-plate options, 12 craft beers on tap and delicious wines from around the world.

We believe what you READ on a menu, should be as good as what you SEE on your plate and every bite should be as tasty as the NEXT.

Like any reputable neighborhood deli, our mission is to please you with delicious food and friendly customer service and make your experience one to enjoy time and time again.